Thanks for your inquiry.
I have checked your birth-chart and have observed the following regarding work and finance possibilities:

1.You may do job for sometime.
2.You may perform office-work.
3.You may do work related to land such as houses, roads, road-transport, mining, motels, etc.
4.You may also be interested in work related to food, restaurants, hotels, clothing, technical work, etc.
5.You can work as an entrepreneur as well as with partners.
6.You may sometimes get stress from work.
7.You may work in states other than your birth-state and possibly work with persons of other countries.
8.You can experience loss of money in some work.
9.You will earn good amount of money from some projects.

I have further checked about your work and finance situations for 5 years starting from 2008. Here are some of those situations/events:

1.You are passing through Rahu dasha. You will have a mixed bag of happiness and worries.
2.You can work individually or work with partners in various states and countries.
3.You may change your work conditions and work plans.
4.You can profit from work related to land businesses.
5.You may plan to work in cloth sector, or technical sector.
6.You may lose money in some projects and make good money in other projects.
7.At times your work may cause stress in you.

I hope I have tried to look into most of the aspects of your interest and believe these broad observations may help you in taking precautions and charting your path.