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Khadayata community believes in Kotyark prabhu. Kotyark means thousand suns. So we are sun-worshippers. Rajputs as a community are either sun-worshippers or moon-worshippers. It is likely that we may be descendants of a rajput community believing in sun-god.

In the early years of the last (20th) century, most khadayata families were living in and around Gujarat and were mainly engaged in farm management and business. Chances for formal education in villages were scarce. Some migrated to cities and found the value of education and organizations. This led the community to build Khadayata Chhatralayas and bhuvanas. Spread of education was helped by Khadayata Education Society.

Community members started meeting at Khadayata Parishads to discuss the needs of the growing community, resolved to take various steps and created organizations to meet those needs. This led to the creation of such organizations as Janata Charitable society, Khadayata Suraksha Trust, etc.

To better communicate with members, magazines such as Khadayata Jyoti and Khadayata Yuvak came into existence. They published articles, poems, advertisements, etc. and helped to meet the growing needs of the community.

In the present age, some web-sites are also created that deal with specific aspects of the community. In December, 2006, we had discussions with then newly-elected president of Khadayata Parishad, Mr. N.C. Sutariya at a function in Vadodara. It has led to the creation of this web-site. We hope to cater to the needs of the community and to meet the new challenges of the time. Constructive feed-back will help in the growth of this site.

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