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Q.1: If 3a = b, 2b = c, 3c = d and abcd is NOT 0, then what is the value of d/a ?

Q.2: If the sum of 4 consecutive numbers is 86 then what is the least of these numbers.

Q.3: If y is an even number such that 20 < y < 40 and if y is also divisible by 7, what is one possible value of y ?

Q.4: When x is divided by 4 the remainder is 1 and when x is divided by 7 then the remainder is 1. If x is an integer less than 40, What is one possible value of x?

Q.5: If x = 2/3 and y = 1/2, what is the value of 2x + 2y ?

Q.6: If 5z = 10 + 2z, What is the value of 9z ?

Q.7: Lines L and M intersect at a point (O) to form four angles. If one of the angles is 14 times as large as its adjacent angle, what is the measure of the smaller angle in degrees?

Q.8: What is the area of an isosceles right-angled triangle whose hypoteneuse is (361/2)/2 ?

Q.9: If h/3, h/4 and h/8 are integers and if 75 < h < 110, then what is the possible value of h?

Q.10: A retailer buys 16 t-shirts at %4.50 each and sells at $6.75 each. If the retailer sells all t-shirts and buys more t-shirts at $4.50 each, how many t-shirts can be bought from the profit made?