TEST-1 : section-B
Answer 20 questions in 25 minutes. Adjust your timer. Questions 11 to 20 are grid questions.12345678910
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Q.1: An editor proofreads at a constant rate of x words per minute. If she is reading a document that has 600 words per page and is y pages long, how many hours will it take her to proofread the document?
(A) 10y/x
(B) 600xy
(C) 10xy
(D) 600x/y
(E) 60x/y

Q.2: A 1000 square meter parcel of land is bought for $300,000 and then divided into 5 equally sized plots. The first 4 plots are then sold at a price of $320 per square meter. If the overall profit is to be at least 20%, what is the minimum selling price of the fifth plot ?
(A) 64000
(B) 68000
(C) 80000
(D) 96000
(E) 104000

Q.3: Largest possible circle is cut out of a square piece of tin whose width is 2 inches. The area of the remaining piece of tin, in equare inch, is approximately
A: 0.14
C: 0.86
D: 1.0
E: 3.14

Q.4: If 2m = 4x and 2p =8x then what is m in terms of p?
A: p-1
B: p+1
C: 2p + 1
D: 2p-1
E: p/2

Q.5: The ratio of 1/4 to 3/5 is
A: 1 to 3
B: 3 to 20
C: 5 to 12
D: 3 to 4
E: 5 to 4

Q.6: If f(x)=5x+12, what is the value of f(p+3)-f(p)?
A: 12
B: 5
C: 15
D: 0
E: 3

Q.7: What is the approximate radius of the circle that has circumference equal to the perimeter of a hexagon whose sides are each 22 inches long ?
A: 7
B: 14
D: 24
E: 28

Q.8: At what point does the graph of a function p(x)=6x-18 crosses the x-axis?
A: (3,0)
B: (0,3)
C: (1/3,0)
D: (0, 1/3)
E: (18,0)

Q.9: (181/2 - 81/2)2 =
C: 4
D: 10
E: 20

Q.10: The distance from the center of a circle to a chord is 5 and the length of the chord is 24. What is the length of the radius of the circle?
E: 26

Q.11: Assume that 1/3 cup of sugar is mixed with 7/3 cups of water to make enough icing for 6 cakes. Following the same recipe, how many cups of sugar are needed to make enough icing for 21 cakes ?

Q.12: 40% of students in a class have brown eyes. 30$ of thestudents have blue eyes. If 40% of the remaining students have green eyes, what % of the students in the class do not have brown, blue or green eyes?

Q.13: How many integers between 1 and 100 contain the digit 5 ?

Q.14: In a bag which contains only red and green marbles, 80 of 140 marbles are green. How many green marbles must be added to the bag so that 1/5 of the marbles in the bag are red ?

Q.15: If a and b are positive integers, a + b < 25 and a > 8. What is the greatest possible value of b - a ?

Q.16: On a certain map, the distance of 100 miles is represented by 1 inch. What is the number of miles represented by 2.4 inches on this map?

Q.17: If x/5 = 4/y = 1, then what is the value of x/y ?

Q.18: If 0.36y = 36, what is the value of 1/y ?

Q.19: The square of a 4 digit number has a minimum of how many digits?

Q.20: If 4*x*x =16, what is the value of 4*x*x*x*x ?