3 scenes

Narrator :
Today we are offering Annakut to Giriraj as introduced by Krishna and reintroduced by Shri Vallabhacharyaji. This is a story of Balkrishna Lila. When the Lord Vishnu decided to incarnate as a human being, he was to come with all His environment and Paraphernalia. He selected Vrajbhumi. Let us see the story of Govardhan hill.

Scene 1:Govardhan hill

(actors: Pulastya muni, Dronachal mountain as adult, Govardhan hill as child, Vishnu as god)

Mountain: Welcome Munishri. I am honored by your presence here. What can I do to serve you?
Muni: Rajan, I am very pleased with your reception. I have come here with a special purpose.
Mountain: I am eager to hear it.
Muni: My disciples and I wish that we should have a hill at our ashram and we have selected your son for our ashram. I have come to take your son Govardhan to our ashram. Please give him to me so that I can take him with me.
Mountain: Our son is young and the weather at your place may not suit him.
Muni: Don't worry. We will take care of him so that he developes as a big mountain.
Mountain: I have no doubt about your abilities. However, we should take his consent.
(Moutain calls for Govardhan and Govardhan arrives.)
Narrator: Govardhan arrives with toys in hand.

Mountain: son Govardhan
Child: Yes, father.
Mountain: Here is our guest, Muni Pulastya. Show your respect to him.
Child. Yes father.
(Child prostrates before muni.)
Narrator: Govardhan shows his respect by prostrating before Muni.

Child: Please accept my namaskar. What can I do for you?
Muni: son, I have come here to take you to our ashram. We will take care of you there.
(Child looks to his father and then to Muni. He closes his eyes for a moment as if he sees a dream.)
Narrator: Child sees Lord in a dream telling him something.

Child: I will be happy to serve you. But I will have one condition. You should carry me on your back and should not place me on ground before getting to ashram. If you will put me on ground earlier, you will not be able to lift me again.
Muni: I agree. I will not try to lift you again after putting you on the ground. That is my word.
Muni: My blessings to Dronachal.
(Muni takes the child on his back and moves along. Mountain walks away.)
Narrator: Muni holds the child and puts him on his back. Now Muni walks along as if he is flying.......... He is now passing through Vrajbhumi.
(Muni suddenly stops, puts the child on ground and he sits down himself.)
Narrator: What happened? Muni is uneasy. He puts the child on the ground and he himself sits down.
(Muni looks at the child and becomes angry. His face turns red and is ready to curse the child.)
Narrator: It seems Muni has awakened from a dream. He looks at the child and realizes the chil's trick.
He has become angry. His face has reddened. He is ready to shout.
Muni: Child, you are not coming to my ashram. So I curse you that you become very tall and decrease in height by the size of a mustard seed. Only god can help you now.
(Muni walks away.)
Narrator: The child has settled in Vraj Bhumi. ...Time passes by.)

(Lord Vishnu arrives.)
Narrator: Govardhan seems to be in dream seeing the Lord Vishnu.

Govardhan: Lord, You guided me and asked me to stay in VrajBhumi. But you are not coming.
Vishnu: I will come.
Govardhan: I am unknown here.
Vishnu: I will glorify you. People will perform your puja.

Scene 2:Nand darbar

(actors: Nand, 5 or more Gopas, Krishna.)
(Nand and Gopas are sitting in a royal meeting.)
Narrator : Nand Ray, the king of Gokul and father of Krishna, has called a meeting. They are discussing the progress made regarding the offering for Indra.

All Gopas: Nan Ray ki Jay.
Nand: Take your seats. I have called you to hear from you the progress made regarding our ceremony.
Gopa 1: Your Honor, I have invited all our Brahmanas and requested them to chant slokas in praise of Indra at the ceremony.
Nand: Good
Gopa 2: Your Honor, I have asked my friends to prepare Yagna Kund and it is almost completed.
Nand: very good.
Gopa 3: I have asked Gopis to prepare various food items to offer them to Indra. They have already prepared most of the items.
Nand: I am very happy to learn this.
Gopa 4: Our men have constructed mandap....
(Suddenly Krishna arrives with buttered hands.)
Narrator: Krishna enters with some butter in his hands.

Nand: son, What are you doing?
Krishna: I am eating butter and listening to your talks.
Nand: You are too young for all this.
Krishna: Father, I consider this is not the right ceremony.
Nand: Why? This is the tradition.
Krishna: Why are we offering to Indra?
Nand: He is the god of rain. Good rain helps in getting good crops. So we should keep Indra pleased.
Krishna: All persons are doing their duties. Indra is doing his duty. He sends rain even to oceans. So it is not necessary to please him.
Nand : This ceremony is not only for pleasing Indra, it is also for getting his grace.
Krishna: We should ask for the grace of the Lord, not of Indra.
Nand: But this is our tradition.
Krishna: Traditions can change with the change of times.
All Gopas: What should we do?
Krishna: Govardhan is very helpful to us. So we should perform puja of Govardhan.
All Gopas: We should do that.
Nand: OK. Insead of offering to Indra, we will offer to Govardhan. Krishna will tell us how to do it.
(Meeting is over.)
Narrator: Krishna was able to convince his father and Gpas to perform Puja of Govardhan instead of Indra.

Scene 3:Giriraj Puja

(actors: Nand, Krishna, Gopas, Gopis)
(stage: front scene of Giriraj; idol of Govardhannath in a vessel; some milk; water; cloth; dress; scent; rice; sweets)
(Nand, Krishna, Gopas, Gopis arrive and stand before the idol.)
Narrator: All preparations are completed. Nand and Krishna are arriving with Gppas and Gopis.

Krishna: Let us bathe the Lord with Milk.
(Nand Ray pours some milk over the idol.)
Narrator: Nand ray is pouring milk over the idol.
Krishna: Now let us bathe Lord with water.
(Nand Ray cleans the idol with water and cleans with cloth.)
Narrator: Now Nand Ray is bathing the Lord with water. He cleans him with the cloth.

Krishna: Let us dress the Lord.
(Nand Ray puts on the idol His dress and jewels and scent.)
Narrator: Nand Ray is now dressing up the Lord. He puts on him his jewels and scent.
Krisna: Now Gopas and Gopis will circumambulate the hill.
(Gopas and Gopis start walking around the hill clockwise.)
Narrator: Nand Ray is still doing Puja and Gopas and Gopis have started Parikrama. They are on the way...they have passed various kunds.....they have passed Anyor.....they have passed Mansi they are back to the ceremonial place.
Krishna: Now Gopas and Gopis will offer their items to the Lord.
(Gopas and Gopis take their items and place in front of the Lord.)
Narrator: Gopas and Gopis have taken their items of offering and have started offering them to the Lord. Every one is filled with joy.
(Krishna goes behind the idol, sits down, takes an item and starts eating.)
Narrator: What a scene! The Lord is pleased and has started eating. Gopas and Gopis are very pleased to see that the Lord has assumed the form of Krishna and is accepting their offerings.
Nand Ray: Govardhan giriraj ki jay
All Gopas and Gopis: Giriraj ki jay. Girirajdhari ki jay. BalKrishna lal ki jay.
Krishna: We have prasad of the Lord. Let us distribute it so that every one can get it.
(Nand Ray distributes prasad. Gradually Gopas and Gopis receive prasad and disperse.)
Narrator: I hope every one has enjoyed the performance. Jay Shri Krishna.